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We take immense pride on being the first Information Technology (IT) College in Nepalgunj. As a pioneer in the region, we fully understand our responsibility of laying a solid foundation for the IT education field across western Nepal. Since our mission is to guide our students to academic excellence, we are committed to delivering top-class IT education that is recognized and respected nationally as well as internationally.

In other cities there has been quantitative growth in IT education sector at the expense of quality, resulting in graduates who don't fit the needs of job markets. Happily, we pledge before all our future students that our courses would always be geared to suit the emerging need of the IT industry through constant interaction between our faculty members and the employers in the IT sector.

BSc.CSIT: Course Structure

Our Activities

Independent research and Labs

we focus on excessive lab works and research. The research environment in the college provides

Seminars and workshops

The computer science student club at college regularly promotes and conducts seminars and

Field trips, study visits, and case studies

Several courses include opportunities to go on field trips,study visits or language

Woman in Technology

Nepalgunj collage was established with the goal of supporting, Enabling and encouraging woman

Social service

To establish a social work presence on campus through acts of advocacy, research, education

Sports and games

Beyond the classroom, it is no surprise that sports, and especially team sports offers a multitude

Student's Testimonials

The Computer Science Departmentdoesnot just teach concepts, it constantlychallenges you with new projects andbuilds you into a problem solver. Thelogical thinking skills I learned at NC allow me to solve daily problems using computational skills.

Aakash , Nepalgunj

‘The College impressedme from the beginning.The atmosphere is verywarm, staff and lecturersare always friendly and you get to know students fromall years, which made mefeel at home. Looking backat my time so far, I feelproud to be a student atsuch an amazing university,which proves that I madethe right decision.’

Annant Sharma , Nepalgunj

Batch Topper

BSc.CSIT, BScCSIT, Nepalgunj College

BScCSIT, BScCSIT, Nepalgunj College

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