Course Introduction

Since the inception, Information Technology and Engineering is home to a pool of talents from different parts of the country. The department has become popular among students due to its achievements and rigor.

Bachelors of  Computer Application (BCA)  is a four years semester based program of Tribhuvan University designed with major focus on computers and technology. This under graduation degree in information technology has more concentrate on the business and communication applications of computing.

It also helps students to relates their Knowledge on data, information, human-computer interaction, presentation, visualization, networking and communication with real business situations. Students are prepared to understand the (potential) application of computing to society in general and in their disciplines.

What a BCA program offers you:

  • Intensive knowledge in the field of theory, design, programming and application of computers.
  • In-depth understanding and experience with computer systems.
  • Creative and analytical skills that provide basis for technical problem-solving.
  • Technical knowledge IT professionals require for multi-tasking and multi-programming and to assess and develop computer based solutions.
  • Knowledge of advanced IT applications used in different business sectors.
  • Further knowledge of advanced IT applications in different business sectors.
  • Provide intensive cognition in the field of functional knowledge of hardware system and the necessary knowledge of computer software system

About the program

  • New course design meeting the global ICT changes and updated curriculum contents.
  • In addition to conventional lectures, a great deal of practical and project works.
  • Builds up the skills that are essential for both computer professionals and researchers including Software developers, Computer systems analysts, Network administrators, Computer programmers, Database administrators, Web developers, IT managers, etc.
  • Semester based program of Tribhuvan University having international bilateral relations.

Curricular Structure

The Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA): A 4-Year Undergraduate Degree spread over 8 semesters. Candidate must select a minimum of 30 credits from each academic year including all compulsory courses. All eight courses in successive years are mix of compulsory and optional. The course designed to provide all sorts of knowledge in the field of Computing and Information Technology to the students. The BCA program has 126 credit hours in totals which has variant in Programming, Networking, Web Programming, Database Management and Recent Trends in IT.  The distribution of courses over the semester and core area of competencies are as follows:


Credit Hours

Computer Core Courses


Natural Science Elective Courses


Mathematics Courses


English Courses


Social Science & Management Courses


Computer Science Elective Courses


Internship and Project


Total Credit Hours


Grading System

The score of the students is evaluated on the basis of the percentage secured in the semester exam. The grading system is maintained on the foundation of the percentage secured and is accompanied as follows:

  • Distinction: 80% and above.
  • First Division: 70% and above.
  • Second Division: 55% and above.
  • To Pass: At least 40% of the marks must be secured.


In the final semester, students are required to complete a six credit (minimum ten weeks long) internship as a part of the course requirement. The student can choose any organization depending up there area of interest like programming, database, networking, web development etc where student will get the practical knowledge that they have studied in the college. During the Internship the students are supervised by the faculty members as well as by representatives from the participating organization.

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