1. CSC-101 Introduction to IT
  2. CSC-102 Programming in C
  3. STA-103 Probability and Statistics
  4. MTH-104 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
  5. STA-108 Statistics I


  1. CSC-151 Digital
  2. CSC-152 Discrete Structure
  3. CSC-153 Microprocessor
  4. CSC-154 Data Structure and Algorithms
  5. MTH-155 Linear Algebra
  6. STA-159 Statistics II


  1. CSC-201 Computer Architecture
  2. CSC-202 Object Oriented Programming Language
  3. CSC-203 Operating Systems
  4. CSC-204 Numerical Method
  5. MGT-205 Introduction  to Management


  1. CSC-251 Theory of Computation
  2. CSC-252 System of Analysis and Design
  3. CSC-253 Database Management System
  4. CSC-254 Computer Graphics
  5. CSC-255 Introduction to Cognitive Science
  6. ENG-256 Technical Writing


  1. CSC-301 Computer Network
  2. CSC-302 Simulation and Modeling
  3. CSC-303 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  4. CSC-304 Knowledge Management
  5. CSC-305 Microprocessor Based Design


  1. CSC-351 Software Engineering
  2. CSC-352 Compiler Design and Construction
  3. CSC-353 Web Technologies
  4. CSC-354 Real Time System
  5. CSC-359 Digital System Design

(Specialization Area: Database)

  1. CSC-409 Web Database and Information System
  2. CSC-410 Advance Database and Information System
  3. CSC-411 Distributed and Object Oriented Database
  4. CSC-412 Introduction to Oracle and XML
  5. CSC-413 Multimedia Database

(Specialization Area: Database)

  1. CSC-459 Data warehousing and Data Mining
  2. CSC-460 Decision support and expert System
  3. CSC-461 Project on Database System
  4. CSC-462 Internship / Project

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